Church Services

Our Spanish and Creole churches allow people to worship and fellowship in their native language, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and be a part of a healthy and loving family based community.

Iglesia Luterana de Immokalee

(Immokalee Lutheran Church)


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106 South 2nd Street, Immokalee, FL  34142

Pastor Roberto Selle: (239) 281-1664

Culto en Español: domingo, 9:00 AM

Llamar al Pastor Roberto para el transporte (239) 281-1664



Bethlehem Haitian Church – LCMS

(Immokalee Lutheran Service in Haitian-Creole)


Bethlehem Haitian Lutheran Church in Immokalee, Florida is a Christian congregation serving the Immokalee community and seeking, engaging, and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey.

We seek to be a loving, friendly community that worships God, and serves others. We place a high priority on teaching from the Bible and following the example of Jesus.

Our vision is to impact and renew Immokalee and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words and actions.

Come as you are – we’d love to get to know you.

106 South 2nd Street, Immokalee, FL  34142

Pastor Andre Mezilus: (239) 537-5725
Mardi Etude Biblique 7 h a 9,30 pm
Mercredi Evengelization adomicil 6/8 pm
Vendredi Jeuve de priere 7/10 pm
Dimanch 9/10h30 Ecole du dimanch
Dimanch 10h30 a 12 Adoration
Rele pastor Andre pou transportation (239) 537-5725
Oubien F. Liverner Jean (239) 324-3453